4 Points to ensure the Power of Promotion

4 Points to ensure the Power of Promotion
Event Ideas & Inspiration | 21-02-2018 | Posted By Fil Hamilton

Hurrah!  We made it to Hump Day my little Sunshines and I think we need a bit of a pick-me-up to help us get to the weekend. We always find that a day out of the office is the best way to introduce a spring back into our step… that’s probably why most Exhibition and Promotional Events take place towards the end of the week.  We’ve got all our important work out of the way and now it’s time to throw everything else away and get on down to the latest corporate exhibition event, to peruse the stalls of like-minded businesses, network with some new contacts and get loads of swag from all the other stands!

Now, we know that the best way to draw a crowd to your stand is with some eye-catching games and attractions from Sunshine Events.  We have the perfect ‘crowd-pullers’ for your exhibition with the option to brand and personalise the equipment to ensure that your stand grabs people’s attention. It’s really important for your brand identity to keep your stand cohesive, plus it looks totally awesome too - which is a bonus!

Our equipment can also be used during conferences and seminars to create break-out sessions and chill-out zones, giving your delegates a chance to relax and have a little fun during a day of focussed sessions - sometimes these events can be really draining, so giving everyone the chance to have a bit of fun will really keep your business in everyone’s mind for days to come.

So, folks, why do you need to bring a bit of branded fun to your stand?  Make sure you remember these Top 4 important points!

Improve Recognition

By branding your equipment from Sunshine Events, visitors to your stand will immediately connect it with your company reinforcing your brand identity.

Connect With Customers

Displaying a fun piece of equipment sporting your brand identity will enable you to connect emotionally with your customers and support the idea that your company has a human side.

Create Clarity

Ensuring that your brand runs through all the activities on your stand will focus your customers’ attention on you and your company.

Beat The Competition

In a busy event, it’s important that you stand out from the crowd and pulling all the visual elements of your stand together will help your overall visibility.

When you hire something fun from Sunshine Events there’s no need to worry about anything so once you’ve handed out all your flyers, spoken to, like, a gazillion people, it’s time to pack up and then IT’S THE WEEKEND… and you know what that means.... (delete as applicable)

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