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Health & Safety

Event Ideas & Inspiration, Health & Safety / 05-02-2020 / Posted By: James Sandwell
6 Points to Planning the Perfect Fun Day
Are you planning a memorable Fun Day? Maybe you don't know where to start and you need some ideas to get you off the mark. As always, your Fun Experts® are here to bring you an event ideas checklist to ensure your Fun Day is a definite memory maker. Continue Reading
Event Ideas & Inspiration, Health & Safety / 09-08-2019 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
What if it Rains During Your Event?
With the Fun Experts around, the wind and rain won't stop your event from bringing the fun and excitement to all of your guests! Continue Reading
Event Ideas & Inspiration, Health & Safety, The Fun Experts / 05-08-2019 / Posted By: Will Taylor
Do I Need a Fun Expert with My Equipment?
When hosting an event you may be wondering if you need a Fun Expert with your equipment? Our latest blog will tell if, when and where you will need one. Continue Reading
Health & Safety / 20-02-2019 / Posted By: Will Taylor
You Ask, We Answer: How safe are your inflatables?
Back with another edition of You Ask, We Answer, we will be looking at our inflatables. This week's blog is being written live as our Fun Experts® conduct our annual PIPA tests on our Inflatable Fun Day Hires. We will be looking into what test are conducted, why they are conducted and what they mean for our Sunshiners. Continue Reading
Health & Safety / 23-01-2019 / Posted By: Will Taylor
You ask, We answer: Do I need Insurance For My Event?
So you're about to book your event with us, suddenly you think "will I need insurance for the equipment?". In another episode of "You Ask, We Answer", we let you know about our safety certifications and why you don't need to take out insurance for your equipment hire. Continue Reading
Sunshine Events, Health & Safety / 06-07-2018 / Posted By: Sunny Sandwell
The Safe Operation of Inflatable Equipment
Safety is paramount at Sunshine Events. With news and social media adding speculation to a recent incident, the Fun Experts® want to assure our customers, their guests and members of the public on how you can trust one of the leading UK suppliers Continue Reading
Event Ideas & Inspiration, Health & Safety / 25-04-2018 / Posted By: Sunny Sandwell
6 Point Checklist: Planning A Successful Fun Day
Nothing beats a good family or corporate fun day! To ensure your event is a giant triumph, here are 6 key things to think about when planning a fun day Continue Reading
Health & Safety / 14-02-2018 / Posted By: James Sandwell
Are your staff DBS checked?
As a provider of fun equipment for events, we often travel the nation to service a range of events and work with a variety of clients. We are seldom asked if our team of Fun Experts® are DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked - formerly CRB. Continue Reading
Health & Safety / 21-06-2017 / Posted By: Sunny Sandwell
Sunshine Events are serious about fun!
We understand that the provision of safety is just as important as your choice of equipment. Continue Reading
Event Ideas & Inspiration, Health & Safety / 05-04-2017 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
The Fun Experts become accredited Archery Instructors - horray!
Our Fun Experts learn the skills to rival that of Robin Hood. Grab your bow and arrow and come join the fun! Continue Reading
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