Nearly 68% of people book their Christmas Party in July

Nearly 68% of people book their Christmas Party in July

Mentioning the word Chr*stmas whilst we are still basking in the (occasional) summer sun can be considered somewhat of a Taboo, however, it really shouldn't be!

Delving into our statistics here at Fun Towers, we can see that 68.4% of Chr*stmas events for our clients are booked right now in July, "why so early!" I hear you ask? Well...

Fun Expert Will at the Helm today bringing you 5 reasons why booking for your Chr*stmas event in July can be the smartest move you make you make this year. So go grab a cuppa, sit back and relax as I explain to you why being the earliest of birds will work in your favour.

Ensure Availability

Now, It's no secret that the closer we get to Chr*stmas the window of opportunity gets smaller and smaller and at Sunshine Events, we are no different. Here at Fun Towers and right up to Chr*stmas your Fun Experts will always go that extra mile to ensure we can bring the fun to your event, but save yourself any unnecessary stress by booking with us as early as possible. 

Choice of Equipment

Nothing says Chr*stmas like the excitement of playing with all your new toys on that magical morning, so why should your guests feel any different? Whether it's our Rodeo Reindeer, Festive Side Stalls or even our Chr*stmas themed Photo Booth, Fun Towers is packed to the brim of FUNtastic equipment just waiting to be hired for your event!

Meaning, the earlier you book with The Fun Experts the sooner we can help you design and create the ultimate bespoke package for your Chr*stmas event and ensure that perfect piece of equipment for your event will always be available to create a FUNtastic experience for your guests.

Ensure Attendance

Being British there are three things that we collectively enjoy, queuing, a cup of Tea and of course, a well-executed plan! There's nothing worse than being invited to the coolest Chr*stmas event on the calendar only to find out you have made prior engagements because you were only made known of the event last week. 

Therefore, booking you FUNtastic Chr*stmas antics well in advance will allow for you to make sure Karen and her partner from Finance are informed with plenty of time to spare to ask her mum to handle the childcare!  

Building the Hype Train

Similar to my last point, ensuring guests attend your event should be the main priority for you when it comes to the planning stage. However, it's pretty hard to get people excited or talking about it in the canteen if it's only a matter of days away.

Hence, as well as booking ahead and being an early bird, this means you can relax a little. You also now have the time to build up all of the excitement and hype that will surround your event. The power of word of mouth can be one of the most effective and free forms of advertising when you're looking to grow your attendance list!

Getting Everyone Involved

It's no secret that when something big is going on we want to be part of the action and what better way of getting people involved than by making them part of the planning process. Whether it's John from Marketing picking the colour scheme for the night's events or Sophie from HR planning the taxi logistics, collectively booking your Christmas event is the best way of getting people to oversee those roles.

Moreover, the longer the length of time between booking and the big day allows for people to get creative with their planning roles and therefore come up with bespoke ideas that can add to the experience of your event!

Finally, when it comes to your Chr*stmas event The Fun Experts will always go above and beyond to make sure your event is the best it can possibly be! 

So whether it's a Chr*stmas office party, Corporate awards evening or Chr*stmas Fun Day, make sure you book with Sunshine Events to make it the ultimate FUNtastic experience.