Interactive Games Hire

Interactive Games Hire

Interactive technology games are the biggest entertainment 'must have' for your event. The Fun Experts are ahead of the game to bring it to your next event.

What makes Interactive Games fun?

Throughout the past few years Sunshine Events has introduced many new products that allow for the individual / team to take part and really experience a piece of equipment / entertainment.  From interactive gaming on our giant screens to the speed and interaction of Batak and the Cash Grabber, our Interactive Games section is filled with entertainment that benefits all ages and abilities.

How exactly do I benefit?

The answer is there already - 'interaction'.  All of the equipment available to hire requires your interaction; Whether it be playing the Nintendo Wii on the giant screen or galloping your horse to first place on the Gold Cup Horse Racing, interaction is key.  You will find yourself testing yourself through various elements;
  • hand eye co-ordination
  • speed reaction
  • physical exercise
  • learning development
There is so much more you can take away from interactive gaming in this day and age; there have been studies showing the benefits of interactive gaming and of course we all know how good exercise can be for you. But of course there is one thing that has always been a constant and that is all the fun to be had!

Interact with our team now and learn more about the fun you can bring to your event!

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