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Latest News from the Fun Experts

Health & Safety / 20-02-2019 / Posted By: Will Taylor
You Ask, We Answer: How safe are your inflatables?
Back with another edition of You Ask, We Answer, we will be looking at our inflatables. This week's blog is being written live as our Fun Experts® conduct our annual PIPA tests on our Inflatable Fun Day Hires. We will be looking into what test are conducted, why they are conducted and what they mean for our Sunshiners. Continue Reading
Sunshine Events / 08-02-2019 / Posted By: Will Taylor
Now we are already into 2019, we have just celebrated our 15th Birthday and What a 15 years it's been (this is only the beginning of the Sunshine Events Journey). Continue Reading
Sunshine Events / 07-02-2019 / Posted By: Camille Bradshaw
New Products for Employee Engagement
Have we got just the thing for you! Our latest blog shows off the new products from Sunshine Events that are guaranteed to flow the engagement through your offices. Continue Reading
Event Ideas & Inspiration / 04-02-2019 / Posted By: Will Taylor
A to Z of Events: G is For...
Do you remember your favourite game as a child? How about if that game was 100x bigger? Our latest edition of A to Z of Events looks at Giants (not the mythical creatures), but more importantly GIANT GAMES! Continue Reading
01-02-2019 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
Fridays with the Fun Experts - Nicole
Our new Friday blog is back taking a peep into the life of the Fun Experts and what makes them who they are. This week we look at Fun Expert in Nicole and what is her favourite thing about events! Continue Reading
Event Ideas & Inspiration / 28-01-2019 / Posted By: Will Taylor
Team Building Event Ideas
Your friendly Fun Experts here, back again with another ideas blog chock full of Team Building Activities that are guaranteed to increase employee engagement tenfold. Continue Reading
Sunshine News / 24-01-2019 / Posted By: Will Taylor
Red Rose Awards 2019 - We're Finalists!
With awards season well underway, we wanted to let our Sunshiners know about the up and coming Red Rose Awards, where this year we are finalists for two awards! This weeks blog will give you an inside look at the awards process and the next steps to the awards ceremony. Continue Reading
Event Ideas & Inspiration / 24-01-2019 / Posted By: Will Taylor
National Fun at Work Day!
Today is national Fun at work day and your Fun Experts® are here to bring you all the facts, figures and of cause ideas to bring that FUNtastic atmosphere into the office Continue Reading
Health & Safety / 23-01-2019 / Posted By: Will Taylor
You ask, We answer: Do I need Insurance For My Event?
So you're about to book your event with us, suddenly you think "will I need insurance for the equipment?". In another episode of "You Ask, We Answer", we let you know about our safety certifications and why you don't need to take out insurance for your equipment hire. Continue Reading
Event Ideas & Inspiration / 16-01-2019 / Posted By: Will Taylor
The Greatest Showman
With the Summer sun just on the horizon, there's no better time like the now to start planning your Summer Fun Fair. Whether you're looking to bring the excitement and speed with our Bungee Run, or a calm and relaxed area with our Deckchair hire, this blog will provide you with all you need to know about creating that summer fun! Continue Reading
Event Ideas & Inspiration / 16-01-2019 / Posted By: Will Taylor
Early Bird Catches the Worm
With spring just around the corner, you don't want to disappoint your guests at your upcoming Family Fun Day event. Don't have a guest list yet? Don't worry, "build it and they will come". Yes I know, winter is still here but with only a few months until the sun starts to shine longer and brighter, you may want to start seeking your inspiration for your event. Continue Reading
Event Ideas & Inspiration / 15-01-2019 / Posted By: Will Taylor
A to Z of Events: E is for..
To some people, planning an event can be a daunting process. Fear not! As our latest A-Z blog from your trusty Fun Experts® will show you the types of events you can host as well as some of our recommended ideas for each. Continue Reading
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