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Latest News from the Fun Experts

Event Ideas & Inspiration, The Fun Experts, Sunshine News / 01-04-2018 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
Experience a NEW Reality
The Fun Experts® are about to introduce you to the next step in reality experiences with the addition of Actual Reality for your upcoming events. Intrigued? Let's see exactly what this innovative experience can bring to your event and the everyday Continue Reading
Sunshine Events, Event Ideas & Inspiration / 28-03-2018 / Posted By: Sunny Sandwell
Spring has (finally) arrived!
Spring is here in all it's glory, so it's time to really start thinking about that upcoming event you've been tasked with planning. Why not speak to the experts on fun and find some inspiration within our FREE Event Planning Guide. Continue Reading
Event Ideas & Inspiration, Sunshine News / 21-03-2018 / Posted By: Camille Bradshaw
NEW - Your FREE 2018 Event Planning Guide
The Fun Experts® are proud to launch the all NEW 2018 Event Guide. A bible for your event needs as we showcase all the fun equipment and services provided to make for a memorable event, for everyone involved. Order your FREE copy now! Continue Reading
The Fun Experts, Sunshine News / 21-03-2018 / Posted By: Sunny Sandwell
World Down Syndrome Day 2018
Today is the day folks were it doesn't matter that you were in a rush getting dressed this morning and ended up with odd socks! Because today, for World Down Syndrome Day 2018, everyone is invited to go a little crazy and wear odd socks. The odder the better! Continue Reading
Event Ideas & Inspiration / 14-03-2018 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
We say Batak, you say Chase the Light!
What is a Batak? What if we said Chase the Light...there you go, now you've got it! Let's take a look at exactly what the Batak can do and how right it is for your event! Continue Reading
Event Ideas & Inspiration / 07-03-2018 / Posted By: Camille Bradshaw
Side Stalls - another ingredient to add to your Event
Think of your event as a recipe: budget, a date, the venue are the base ingredients and then the entertainment is the garnish. The Fun Experts® over the years have created a fab selection of ingredients for you to choose from... Continue Reading
Event Ideas & Inspiration / 07-03-2018 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
Photo Booth or Magic Mirror - what's the difference & which should I choose?
You may be finding that there is too much choice out there. So we've done the research for you and answered that question for you: what's the difference between a Photo Booth and a Magic Mirror? Continue Reading
Sunshine News / 28-02-2018 / Posted By: Sunny Sandwell
The BIBAs... more than just an Award
After an unforgettable night and coming out the other side an Award Winning company, the winning impact for the Fun Experts® continues as we share our own experience Continue Reading
Event Ideas & Inspiration / 21-02-2018 / Posted By: Fil Hamilton
4 Points to ensure the Power of Promotion
The power of promotion is, well, a powerful thing; to first capture the attention and the imagination of guests is key. Here we have 4 important points that you should consider when organising your upcoming exhibition / promotional event. Continue Reading
Health & Safety / 14-02-2018 / Posted By: James Sandwell
Are your staff DBS checked?
As a provider of fun equipment for events, we often travel the nation to service a range of events and work with a variety of clients. We are seldom asked if our team of Fun Experts® are DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked - formerly CRB. Continue Reading
Sunshine Events, Event Ideas & Inspiration / 08-02-2018 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
Lights, Camera... Action!
You ask, we answer as our range of Product Videos aim to tell you everything you need to know about the equipment you hire. With hundreds of products available to hire, we have a mighty task on our hand...and we're back, with more to come Continue Reading
Sunshine Events, The Fun Experts, Sunshine News / 31-01-2018 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
We've done it again... Red Rose Awards 2018 Finalists!
Will the Fun Experts need to invest in an awards cabinet - we'll find out on March 8th! Continue Reading
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